UK Forest tree planting c02 reduction project for individuals and business to offset carbon footprints.
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Each tree planted ‘offsets’ your environmental impact by absorbing approximately 730 kg CO2 emissions over its lifetime.
It is estimated that the average person needs to save about 7,000kg of CO2 per year.
Planting just 10 trees each year is one strategy for achieving this. The trees also provide a sustainable habitat for wildlife.

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Trees are one of the most natural things about our planet and where we live, providing a natural balance to our eco system. They are our perfect companion, absorbing C02 from the atmosphere and providing Oxygen. They filter out chemicals and agricultural waste in water. They help to prevent soil erosion and flooding, and when harvested provide valuable building materials and firewood.

Together with modifying the way we live, sponsoring the planting of trees in the UK Forest project is a fantastic way of reducing your carbon footprint or even becoming carbon neutral. It offers a wonderful opportunity for both young and old individuals, schools and colleges, and small and large businesses to get together in a common cause to improve the environment that we all live.

The UK Forest will be made up of numerous reforestation sites, some small and some large with thousands of people having the chance to sponsor the planting of a tree or numerous trees in the United Kingdom.

Community organisations will be invited to take part in the clearing of the land, planting of the trees and aftercare.

Company sponsors can proudly display the logo on their own website with a link to details and pictures of the trees that they have sponsored. The more trees they sponsor, the larger space they occupy on this website and the bigger contribution they make to offsetting c02 and the fight against global warming. During our ‘Open Days’ Company Directors and individual sponsors will have the opportunity to visit a site, plant a tree and have photographs taken.

Individuals can dedicate a tree to a loved one, maybe as a birthday or Christmas present or simply sponsor the planting of trees to help save the planet.

Success of the project will depend on the participation of the people and their desire to make a difference, however small but never insignificant.