UK Forest tree planting c02 carbon reduction project for individuals and business to sponsor.  Plant trees to fight climate change!

Each tree planted ‘offsets’ your environmental impact by absorbing approximately 730 kg CO2 emissions over its lifetime.
It is estimated that the average person needs to save about 7,000kg of CO2 per year.
Planting just 10 trees each year is one strategy for achieving this. The trees also provide a sustainable habitat for wildlife.

Lincolnshire Tree Planting Project

To Sponsor Trees please contact

One of the most effective ways of fighting climate change is to plant more trees.  This project is designed to do just that, with an initial target of 1 million sponsored trees.

How do we achieve our goal?  We reach out to individuals and business to sponsor the planting of new trees in the United Kingdom. 

To pay for land and the required materials, individuals can sponsor the planting of trees.

Business have the opportunity to invest larger, off setting their companies carbon footprint. 

Below is our virtual UK Forest map in the shape of our logo.  It is divided into segments showing the position of each tree.  There will be a link from the virtual map to each tree planted in the real World.
This virtual map is coded in Flash, and you may have to download the free plug-in to view.